Faith in Action at OLGC – Jan. 21st!

You are all aware of the great work that Urban Plunge does every year.  We hope for that to continue indefinitely.  To that end, we are having a one-day Urban Plunge that we call a Faith in Action Day.  It will be next Saturday, January 21 at OLGC.  We will begin at approximately 10:00 AM and hope to finish before 4:00 PM Mass.  How soon we finish depends on how many people show up.  Note that the weather calls for partly cloudy skies and low 70s next Saturday, unlike today – a perfect day for work.

The work we will be doing is twofold – first we will be replacing some of the parking lot 6×6 curbs.  This will involve digging out the old ones, leveling and installing the new ones, drilling them for rebar support, hammering in the rebar, and adding Simpson strong tie connectors. 

The second job is the bigger one.  We will be creating a new crushed concrete/gravel pad for the Plunge trailer.  This will be quite large – approximately 9’ by 22’.  There will be lots of digging, weed/grass removal, 4×4 leveling and installation, etc, followed by a whole lot of shoveling of crushed concrete, leveling, raking and tamping.

We welcome all past plungers, their parents or friends (or older brothers home from college), current youth group members, etc.  We will provide beverages and snacks the entire day as well as a full lunch for all.

If your child (or you children, or your children and you) are able to make it, please let me know through email.  If anyone coming has a tamper or a flat-front shovel, please bring it along.

Thank you for your consideration.  God bless.

Claude Fiori


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